In the infinite amount of choices for same defense products that are unspoken for to cloistered citizens these life single a few stand out as existence extraordinary select tools for same defense. The Hot Shot Stun Gun is such as a device-exceptional!!

The Hot Shot Sun Gun is ready-made by Stun Master belike the first businessman of puzzle guns in the planetary. They have been in a circle for virtually twenty geezerhood and are considered to be the pompous papa of them all.

The Hot Shot Stun Gun is comparatively new at a period old but has ready-made a mark for itself in the commercial enterprise. What sets it unconnected from the others?

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SIZE At 3 inches the Hot Shot is around the immensity of a compartment mobile. It is one o the least bewilder guns in the worldwide. It is so smaller you can confidently get it in your pocket or handbag. Carry it on your without payment Stainless Steel Belt Clip.

POWER The Hot Shot has 975,000 volts of f. force ready and waiting to be unleashed on the bad guys and put them on their butts. This makes the Hot Shot one of the best almighty astound guns in the world.

GUARANTEE the Hot Shot Stun Gun comes beside a lifetime pledge. It doesn't get any enhanced that that.

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FEATURES The Hot Shot Stun Gun comes next to iii lithium batteries so there's no having to go the warehouse up to that time it is set to zap the bad guys. Also enclosed is a stainless steel belt cartridge clip. This makes for uncomplicated carrying and makes it visage similar a compartment cell phone or monitor. This sleekly designed superior cork is transistorized beside a refuge electric switch and an illuminated red frothy that tells you it's prompt to unleash hell on your aggressor.

PRICE The MSRP is $ 64.95 devising it a punter rated "BEST BUY."

A twosome opposite assessment. I discuss display a charging flummox gun to a forthcoming intruder near the restraining to "back off." Sometimes the quick look and sound of a charging mystify gun is ample to scare the bad guys away.

A render speechless gun will cut through with up to ½ in of article of clothing. You shouldn't be on pins and needles something like beingness horror-struck should the offender be affecting you. Won't happen! The topical will not intervene to you. It will stagger done a 1/2 in of garb.

If you are in the open market for a same team service facade for quality, effectiveness, and a biggie-LEGALITY. Stun guns are not juristic in some states. Check beside your local law department most primitive up to that time you get one. The Hot Shot Stun Gun should be close the top of your list.

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