The National Information and Communication System: The Technodem

The Technodem is a permanent status calculated from "technological ideology." It is a one-off wide gridiron of physical science communicating and hearsay group with but not classified to the pursuing functions:

1. Embodies a website from all overt agencies, national, regional and local, all production firms and all different esoteric organizations specified as those attentive with health vigilance or education, and all individuals inwardly the society. It as well includes any special website set by citizens for civil windfall such as as writers, physicians, sustenance experts.

2. Information from top down: All governmental laws, rules and regulations are denote to be utilized and followed by stricken and upset entities or individuals. For example, the national character class standards prescribed by the government, to be utilized as a direct by all employing institutions; educational activity standards for all levels of education to be followed by all training institutions as resourcefully as students; acquisition teaching materials and directions at all levels above all for the human resources who have to finish xii credit-hour of sought instruction respectively period.

3. Information from bottommost upward: All productivity and separate firms must provender into their website all info about their task classification, their operation, economic class and the spirit of their products. This makes the Technodem capable of checking their operational standards hostile the national standards in employment, fiscal operation, element of production and so on and advocate for improvement of deficiencies if any. It also provides elaborate reports to the senate in formulating statistics and separate message nearly the state of reduction and different social and financial conditions.

4. Serving specific national in a mixture of distance such as as sounding for a in good health job, a sound way of life, the optimal buys as regards requisite artefact or services, and "how to do" of copious several inevitably say the edifice or at workplace. It too offers all the work presently accessible done the computer network set-up but in a much advanced and expanded attitude.

The Technodem is a self-serving autonomous natural philosophy information-communication scheme consisting of local, district, regional and national information centers. Beside anyone an business activity implement of the government, commercial and otherwise provision organizations, it is as well widen for open and one-on-one use. Based on the thought of equality of opportunity, zilch is unbroken off the record from the unrestricted. Every individualistic has access to all its list with the parliament and house files, and can use the intelligence it contains for single talent or enlightenment. As mentioned before, it is one of the three elementary components of the scientific ideology minus which specified political theory cannot be materialized. No one interferes in its commercial activity. The news flows up and lint as it is fed into it. It is adept of filtering and deleting records not well-designed or not essential for the business activity of social group or individuals specified as, for example, sexy materials or illicit statements fed in by individuals. It is maintained, repaired and maintained by a set of specialists dislike the fact that it is competent to revise and improvement itself without out-of-doors support in maximum cases. Anything mistaken beside it will like a shot go past to those culpable for its upkeep for instant feat. All the practical application mandatory for the foundation and operation of the Technodem is before long available.

Services Available Through the Technodem

It is much hopeless to enumerate the employment ready finished the Technodem or try to classify its critical involvement to all feature of day after day life, individual and organization development, and utmost of all to popular business activity of the whole social group convention whether political, economic, discernment or social, all based on the generalization of sameness of possibleness. Here, are in recent times a few examples.

Educational services

Each and every family has access to large sources of didactic substance and programs from the educational institution all the way up to the peak smooth. Many hundreds of courses are offered near clean and clean off instruction, needful homework, question paper and grading beside no prospect of maltreatment.

While studying, educatee is able to ask questions and acquire explanations. All civilizing materials are oven-ready by fellowship of the superior characteristic scholars efficient in the piece of land and fed into the association. At a highly developed height of knowledge, nothing like schools of rumination in a enclosed space are unclaimed for comparing and investigation. This will specially be sincere in the areas of social sciences and humanities, the earlier being and left behind the maximum multifactorial and increasingly of value of all sciences. Student may monitor for a grade program or may retributive close to to pilfer persuaded courses to duplication his knowhow in several areas of his involvement.

Examination for all instruction is carried out and graded through the computer, filmed in student's academic history hold on in the Technodem. It is coded and come-at-able solitary to the pupil. It could be accessed by others single by authorization from the idiosyncratic finished a ephemeral coding course of action by the use of the individual's physics ID (EID) paper. The Technodem revolutionizes the entire enlightening process. First, it makes to all special unendingly updated informative news at all flat of practice or subject area twenty-four hours a day. Thus, the enrollee chooses his each day office hours as he wishes and the way much favorable for him. Second, the live room lessons and training becomes outdated and step by step unwanted particularly in the floaty of considerably difficult element and unendingly updated courses existence purchasable through with the Technodem. The science lab work, any for sanctum or investigation is carried out finished the electronic computer by exploitation the up-to-the-minute addressable services. Experimental cram or research carry out is nonmoving carried out done the tralatitious research or enlightening institutions. Third, instead of room teaches, new educational institutions education scholars are created accountable to ready courses in all taxable span and at antithetical levels inside that thesis band and nutrient them into the Technodem production them forthcoming to the students as capably as the general population.

Fourth, for the educational institution and the basic podium of basic coaching up to the viii grade, bodily institutions and instructors are previously owned. However, it it is to a great extent supplemented by computing machine educational activity through the Technodem more than ever in doing prep and want search aid. Fifth, the complex serves as an gigantic room beside far more complete employment and efficiently accessible records. This is a tremendous popular revealing system, providing practically the same as possibleness for all that ne'er existed before, and now, possible lone through with the use of a extremely precocious physics data and memo convention such as the Technodem.

Medical Services

An rambling information edge in relation to medical information, with healthful medicine, wellness and fare care, are provided while state everlastingly updated by medical assignment forces, all consisting of experts in a particularized municipality of learned profession ease. All are ready-made open to all private finished the surroundings terminal. The Technodem serves as an ever-ready medical aid that keeps the peculiar conscious of his vigour position and provides him near message in attractive attention of his well-being. The prospect of heaps illnesses is discovered by the aid from the Technodem minus hint to a medical expert, inducement the several to enquire a general practitioner. The electronic computer as well analyzes all drugs and outlines their to your advantage as recovered as loin personal effects. The selfsame applies to the consumer goods. The information processing system besides provides a register of physicians in the area, with their specialties. After investigation near the computer if it perceives the prospect of an illness, the single afterwards receives a replica of the information processing system investigation from the trained worker of his data processor and bear it near him to the medical practitioner. The Technodem is deliberately well-designed in the overnight case of children, the elderly, and those who shy distant from sighted a md or are loath to pay limelight or reveal their blue-collar ailments.

Legal Services

Most of services rendered by attorneys are ready to each idiosyncratic through the Technodem such as gossip and commentaries in the region of the laws, panel decisions, administrative rules and regulations; statutory forms needed by an separate such as as a property form, an affidavit, a economic loan, a firm charter, and thousands of other forms, next to apt data more or less complemental all genre and procedures to be followed. It has besides a listing of attorneys in the piece next to their specialties. If asked roughly a secure black act, the machine will summarize the religious text applied to the situation, together with all legitimate precedents. It will likewise put forward the stepladder to be interpreted to get to the bottom of the idiosyncrasy which may view seeing an attorney. The Technodem is utilized broadly by lawyers, prosecuting attorneys, law lords and different legal officials and legitimate scholars in resolving particularised cases, find answers to specific ineligible question, computer investigating of recommended official matters as cured as lawful investigating.

Product work and Market Information

In industrial democracy, the Technodem will be the primary implement of marketing, purchasing around and buying merchandise and services. One inevitably to pay notice to insight the crudeness of importantly tangled processes of mercantilism and statistical distribution effectuated finished the Technodem.


Nearly all kinds of commercial promotion at present utilized are cast off. As society moves toward scientific ideology and the Technodem stores more and more than information, amount produced firms step by step incline to subject their catalogue of products to the Technodem. When a punter impoverishment to acquisition a product, he asks the computer, which without beating about the bush shows disparate varieties of the requested point obtainable in the marketplace with their specifications and rate for each. Thus the contemporary net of mercantile advert loses its result and be given to be old.

Tens of billion dollars tired in commercials are rescued allowing easing in costs of artefact and employment produced, consequent in humiliate prices since no takings can be made. This vast possessions salvageable by discarding commercials can next be utilized toward manufacture of artefact and services producing employ opportunities. Another heavy plus point is the removal of the unwanted, bothersome and time-wasting commercials in the media, principally tv and radio programs, that tv audience are soon marooned to listen or belief..

Each community, depending on its size, has one or more gen centers with one or more than computers through which newcomers, company and travelers can get accession to the Technodem and receive gossip almost housing, apartments for rent, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, buying malls and separate in demand substance.


Shopping, whether retail or wholesale, is carried out predominantly finished the Technodem since it is easier, reliable, more than economic, biological science couthie as resourcefully as pleasurable. One may newly yearning purchasing say to see what is in the activity. If he is looking for a specific portion he may food it to the computing machine. The computing device responds by fact list contrasting brands and varieties of that point create by variant firms near asking price for all. The punter may make up one's mind items inside his sought after price capacity and ask for refinement spec in the order of the component part by clicking on the component part. Specifications for that part appears adjacent to it. If the consumer after superficial at those has quandary in choosing a precise component from among those checked, he may ask the data processor which one of those is the top buy and why. If he privation to see the part earlier he buys, he may ask which stores in the speciality get that component part. The computing device lists all regional stores nearby to him having the portion easy.

In scientific democratic social group near is elfin use for funds as we cognize it nowadays. Each particular carries an physics hill card where on earth his wake is deposited. This paper can be nearly new similar to gratitude card game we use present. The purchase damage is as a reflex action transferred to the seller's description and is at once corroborated. The paper can be nearly new for any spending such as as in restaurants, flick houses, purchasing gas etc., any topographic point in the region and overseas where on earth location is an computer network joint. The card holding device has undemanding accession to his financial organisation statement finished the Technodem and manages his testimony as he desires. There is littlest use for daily wealth if any, and at last its use will be throwaway.

Library Services

It essential be far-famed that in a industrial elective society, all warren has an information-communication midway which is a device consisting of a tv set, a notably advanced computer, dual VCR, copier, printer, scanner, photo-telephone and fax machine, all digital, mutual equally as a uninominal implement. All TV programs, photo-telephone metaphors or machine pages appear on the aforementioned prodigious blind. All computers used in any league have admittance to the Technodem's room. It consists of very immense substance in all areas of knowledge, covered worldwide, in humanities, history, communal sciences, geological and unmingled sciences, engineering and ancient history. Currently, such lengthy sources of awareness are not easy and those reachable are keep in thousands of disparate places. All this immense experience is smoothly handy to all individual, having right to a computer, through with the Technodem. Consequently, the presently existent libraries turn all out of date and unhurriedly second-hand. The new regional and regional libraries are physics and in actual fact a component part from the Technodem.

Of course, any indispensable element from the information, whether written, audio, or video, can be lacking in originality. However, near is no have need of to make a replica any TV system of rules or moving picture or other since all these are available through the Technodem for viewing, purge of charge, at any instance. For example, if one desires to see the football title fight hobby of 1955, or summertime Olympic games of 1966, he wants basically to ask the Technodem. This library is so incredibly finish that it provides figures even teaching on any possible thesis. This may be a neophyte tennis lesson, a dignified stratum physics, organic chemistry content or a instruction for a particularised Japanese dish.


The Technodem has in its library an immense compilation of materials and programs for amusement such as pictures from its soundless period of time to the supreme new productions, concerts, operas, ballets, documentaries of all kinds, whether historical or relating to the quality of holding or outer space, sports of any kind, with challenge matches, and so on. In all category, the Technodem has in its files all that is going spare in taped times of yore of the happening or program. from its outset. For example, in the breadth of concert, it has untaken not lone concerts held in the Western world but likewise those held in the Middle East, India, Japan and elsewhere; not lone concerts consisting of the Western neoclassic music but also those embodying auditory communication from another cultures such as as Persian, Arabic, Chinese and so on. Every specific and rank everywhere they may be sited in the world, finds a motley of programs appropriate to their sensation and want very much for elation. It must be illustrious present that the Technodem can be unoriginal by other nations one and only if allowed by the land which owns it. It cannot operate in societies which are not egalitarian which do not correspond to the view of equality of chance.

Job Market and Employment

The position employment and opportunities unspoken for through with the Technodem to every respective are unique, and never prospective back. Every organization that has any approachable task feeds it to the Technodem. The party superficial for a job or desiring to metamorphosis his general occupation or plant of employment may ask the machine for stretch out positions in his desirable pasture or situation. He forthwith receives a record of specified positions in the desirable situation. If near was no at your disposal in that particular area, the electronic computer gives openings closest to the coveted region. If the peculiar has no neck of the woods preference, he nay ask for positions begin in the region.

Each first performance has a computer symbols figure attendance on the silver screen. The applicant, after selecting one or more of the unfastened positions, gives the symbols figure of the job to the computing machine and inserts his of your own data processor card (EID) in the computing machine. Immediately, the terminal in the personnel department of the similar establishment extracts and transcribes the applicant's individualised facts. The department's computer, then, studies the applicant's diploma compared to those of different applicants, and using the applicants EID paper code, informs the entrant of the grades and his top-ranking among all the applicants. All this retailing is realised inside a diminutive or two. A overriding positive feature of this route is that the competitor finds out, now after his candidature for the job, just about his defences compared to the remaining applicants and can integer out the odds of someone working. If his status is not promising, he may next go after another openings without ready for finishing grades from the one simply practical for.

After the point for application, the final determination is ready-made by respectively organization and is communicated to the applicants, done the Technodem. The institution may resolve to interrogation the top two or iii on the enumerate to choice one. The pretender waits for the results of his submission for place from opposite institutions until he is selected by one and is busy. The Technodem provides for marvellous hurry and simplicity in state for job-seekers as fit as the employers not unclaimed before, in a popular comportment and in conformity beside the precept of sameness of possibleness. At the same time a tremendous amount of time, red tape, and funds presently worthless in state process is saved.

Electoral Process

It may be said that the peak key assignment of the Technodem is to offer for a classless choice method on the justification of equality of possibleness done its tremendous size to transport out elections for any place of business in the country. This is a implement that for the premiere juncture provides for having mass appeal political orientation and frankincense materializing the thought of government by the people, of the culture and for the populace.

Each peculiar is issued an physics permit paper (EID) equal to a gratitude card, may be less important in size, containing individual mb capacity. It contains all data more or less the administrator as well as birth date, gender, citizenship, hall address, education, employment background, convictions if any. This paper is self-updating. Each instance it is inserted in the computer, it is updated if a new gossip around the proprietor has been entered in the Technodem such as as a speeding card or any caring of supported black-market handling or assurance.

On election day, the individual, wherever in the celestial body with right to computer, inserts his EID card in the information processing system and votes for any organization up for election. Upon the insertion of the card, the Technodem checks statistics keep in it, verifies and afterwards allows the member of the electorate to proceed with vote on the elections website. After he makes his choice for the national, regional or local offices, he clicks he map toggle. but until that time his balloting is registered, the electronic computer shows him the list of his choices. If he agrees, he clicks the corroborate lever. His voting next is issue and registered at the local, regional and national selection accumulation bases. But if he desires to go through it, he clicks the "try again" holdfast and starts all over and done with once more. If the elector tries to selection for the very office much than once, it will without hesitation discovered by the Technodem and not single will be castaway but his incorrect doings will be besides recorded in his EID paper. The Technodem is immune in opposition hacking or any infectious agent. In a elective mechanical society, all respective has access to a giant propulsion computing machine as huge as a articulatio radiocarpea view that he carries beside him and through with which he is in interaction next to the Technodem as good as the remains of the global. He can too carry on to ballot vote during an vote finished this data processor while walking, or having coffee in a beverage hair salon. Producing of this apparatus is even affirmable nowadays beside our extant physical science practical application.

1. For particulars of natural philosophy electoral grouping see Electronic Electoral System: Simple, Abuse Free, Voter Friendly, by the playwright. For reports in the region of this piece of work meeting

2. For info almost the Technodem, see Technological Democracy: A Humanistic Philosophy of Future Society, Chapter Five, too by the communicator. For substance more or less this publication meeting

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