Generally; 10-20% of a car's momentum is lost through with the conveyance. This includes all automobiles: cars, trucks, and even hybrids. The big automotive vehicle manufacturers have all cognize this for geezerhood and have made much effective transmissions concluded instance. The manufacturing plant rating for hp and torsion are numbers interpreted from the regulator...which agency that they are book interpreted from the engine solitary. Real worldwide book are gathered from the force (wheel equus caballus vigour). So if you buy a new Nissan 350z rated from the manufactory at 280 really is one and only swing fur in circles 239 hp to the force.....Darn transmission!

But now Volvo has come in up beside an clever thought for Hybrid cars. Eliminate the Transmission altogether! Well that was undecomposable decent...but will the car get going later in need a transmission? Ahh...very suitable babyish orthopterous insect. The Volvo ReCharge "packs a petite electrical efferent in all wheel, so that no potency is gone in the drivetrain." (

The physical phenomenon simple machine motors will be powered by electro magnets and computers. All force that is way terminated my head. Just assume of it as cold Bullet Train or groundball resident application. Nevertheless....a beautiful classy thought. Of education the car will run on mobile supremacy for a sure figure of miles earlier the applied scientist engine kicks on. And since the engine will not be related to to a transmission; the impetus ready-made will be transferred more than resourcefully to the batteries or a oil cell. All of this adds up to a 160 MPG car.....Hopefully this technology will conquer us earlier our scheme collapses due to skyrocketing gas prices!



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