Wednesday, December 15 2004 at 16:00 EET

Internet marketing band DoubleClick published its concluding chitchat terminated the number email merchandising process this period of time. The figures show year-over-year escalation in transfer taxation (cleaner emailing lists), and a reduction in overt rates and click-through taxation. The variations are light, proving a steadied and maturing environment.

DoubleClick's metrics

The aggregation analyzed were based on more than 2 billion messages dispatched by hundreds DARTmail customers, activity bouncebacks, unfurl rates, click-throughs and conversions (open to sales, or clink to sales magnitude relation). The results were according for 2004 and compared to 2003.

DoubleClick previously owned unweighted averages for all analyzed categories. This helps eliminating the weight that largish email marketers could have concluded accumulation averages, as the word states.

The email merchandising categories thoughtful in the exploration were:

  • Business Products & Services
  • Consumer Products
  • Consumer Services
  • Financial Services
  • Travel
  • Retail&Catalog
  • Publisher - Business
  • Publisher - Consumer

Email commerce performances

The bounce revenue enhancement festival a trifling decrement overall, and a more than consonant decline in the Travel category, downcast 54.5% from 14.3% to 6.5%.

Business Publishers was the just collection that accumulated begin rates, on the other hand slightly, from 38.2 to 38.3. For other categories, unseal rates declined. The uncap rates' decrease in maximum categories is maybe to be paid to SPAM rise and reveals people's taciturnity to get underway messages they are not significantly interested in.

Click finished rates multiplied in simply two categories, Consumer Publisher and Travel.

More interestingly, email-productivity has shown in good health information in number of directives per email sent: 0.28% in 2004; but the average income per email transmitted declined 26.9 proportionality. The border line email instruct in 2004 was $89, in a year-over-year diminishing way.


About the general fertility of figure email selling the study concludes: "email mercantilism is a maturing and relatively balanced commercialism implement. Improvements in register hygiene and code omnibus processes give the impression of being to have enhanced bounciness rates, but drooping effect revenue enhancement declare admirer files are dawn to autumnal."

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