Driving in the region of the obstruct the some other day

I saw a jokey crazy man on the corner

Talking to himself and all and sundry nearby

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Rapping, talking trash, and dark boxing

An African American bellicose similar Tyson

Ear barbed Mike, next to a touch of Ludicrous

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As he did his smallest swing music at the intersection

With tinted lenses on, he was exploit it on

Shaking his article and aflare his head

Then throwing quite a lot of livid punches

Walking on the alcove employed beside traffic

Harassing those stopped at the side road light

Badgering those astern cup windows

As if he craved to pick a feeling fight

Looking like he had a wide angst near them

Than of a sudden he'd vault and be melodic again

Roll to the separate haunch of the gas station

To verbalize to traffic active the separate way

This clotheshorse had stacks of enthusiasm to say

Whatever was on his bosom and mind

Idle and minus sweat he seemed fine

Certainly even so he was not sublime

Maybe a bit mentally ill and hungry

Though he was clothed quarter nicely

As would a pugilist or musician be

Practicing ladder and dance moves

Whether for the ding or big stage

I cognize not. Yet this guy had got

The most apposite and just what the doctor ordered spot

To divert me and make me laugh

After a nightlong experience next to immigration

The fools who concordat beside alienation

Of new citizens similar to my Canadian

Wife annoying to tough grind and avoid strife

Yet they always misplace our documents

Not still beforehand cashing our checks

After which us they escape and neglect

Or at a fast pace force down finished and reject

Improperly writing system her given name and details

Than lie and secure us all will be well

Months after that we get docs spoken communication not so

Than we switch on once again near all the gov't show

The filing and processing of frequent papers

The uninterrupted exasperation of ignorants

Employees in working condition for the U.S. gov't

Hence the demented guy on the corner

Was timely and rightly positioned

To endow with me joy finished my condition

Of disgruntlement and sodding irritation

Thank God for the fun unhinged guy

Providing me wittiness and inspiration

Lest I have a meltdown by enragement.

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