The Wrekening: An Ancient Mirrors Tale

by Jayel Gibson

Synergy Books (2006)

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ISBN 9781933538303

"The Wrekening" begins as the Feie called Brengven is questioning for a aliment and stumbles upon a pothole exhaustive of fiendish kernel soldiers. Opening a rift, he hurries to the castle of the House of Aaradan where Yavie, the Dragon Queen, and her hubby Sorel playing next to Yavie's Guardians. Hearing the communication of the recognition of the regular army and exploitation the understanding of the Ancient wizard, Grumblton, they conclude that thing essential be through with to pool and destroy the Wreken Shards, the hunch shards of the Wreken Wyrms, or stubstrata dragons. Knowing that causing guardians would outline too a great deal attention, they phone call upon the support of Nall and Naere's estranged daughter, Cwen and her soul mate Talin. At prototypic they refuse, but Brengven, who was sent to sell something to someone them, before i finish succeeds after Caen, who has been politely stalking Cwen, gets iridescent by her.

The Feie uses Caen, who is slightly of a rogue, to convince her by maxim that he will take Caen on the search and that she is too namby-pamby to ample the pursuance. In the end, all iii of them attach to Brengven. Several days later, they are touring done Spire Canyon when Cwen is captured by the Thralax, an intelligent, gorilla-like big'un. Just as Cwen is fugitive on her own, Caen and Talin travel to saving her and well-nigh kill the Thralax. Cwen saves it by way of a blood oath, and it is for eternity pledged to save her. She steals its large wealth and continues towards the prototypical of the 13 Wreken Shards.

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After Cwen and her bloc have collected the prime and individual different Wreken Shards, they get tidings that one municipality has been attacked by a dim military service set unrestrained from an underground natural enclosure by an nefarious temptress. When Nall comes to make clear to them to "speed up", he is near killed by Cwen, but nevertheless, they look sharp in their project as much armies are aroused and more towns are desolate. As Caen tries to invertebrate his way into Cwen's heart, Klaed, the son of a councillor who close to Cwen and Talin refused to be guardians, shows up and vies for Cwen's affections. Can Cwen and her friends find and explode all the Wreken Shards earlier Aedracmorae is destroyed?

In this second photograph album of the Ancient Mirror series, Jayel Gibson not lone writes well, but too draws the student in to this repetitive story. "The Wrekening" is a copy for time of life that would savor linguistic process astir fantasy, dragons and pitch-black armies.

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