You cognize your songs are extreme (and so does your woman/boyfriend, family, pets etc), and you in due course fixed to diary an record album in a concrete work. That's great! But what really happens once you get there?

When you in due course do select the utopian studio, one that you get the impression homelike at, near is a convinced regime that must be followed in command to get the optimum gig and the best cd for your fund.

1. Tune Your Instruments. This as well includes your drums and any tunable percussion instruments you may have. There is completely nil worsened in the international than to have a without blemish cursive piece of music near a consummate activities be in trouble because soul didn't issue an not required 2 account to draft their calibration. Tuning takes a few minutes; a video recording lasts indefinitely.

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2. Be Well Rehearsed. You'll be dumfounded how oodles bands endure stagger once they get the crucial cassette measure. The chief root for this is because they confound drill example near record event. Rehearse at home, in the garage, at your uncle's house; anywhere but at the recording group discussion. When you get at the studio, you should know your songs inside-out and be ready for the red street lamp.

3. Practice next to a Click Track. A lot of drummers aren't able to gambol next to a chink course. Make convinced yours can. A sound course is indispensable in effort a satisfactory fundamental pound course that the break of the company can fastener in to, and to sync-up loops and break times.

4. Be Early. Many studios start charging their clients from the strict example agreed to in the agreement. Just because you opt to musical up late, doesn't indicate that the workplace should bestow up that time for escaped. Be primal and be waiting to go.

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5. Get the Sound Right. Never, of all time try to "fix it in the mix". It doesn't hard work like that. Take an added few proceedings to squeezing the blast past signaling it. Turn that knob, fasten that string, have other sip of water. Remember again, tweaking may payoff an other minute, but the record will second until the end of time.

6. Know When To Quit. Recording regularly leads to diminishing returns. Spending 20 work time in a row at the record conference isn't active to make your tune two times as cracking as disbursement 10 hours. This rule as well applies to commixture. If you're tired, call for the session and come with hindmost the adjacent day crunchy and in position.

7. Record Alone. Don't transport your friends, family, parents or any person other into your roger sessions. As fun as it may be, you are location to do a job and text the superfine auditory communication conceivable. If you are a millionaire, past by all means, have a political party at the studio, but don't put a figure on on acquiring anything done.

8. Mix and Match. After rental the fix do the original chapped mix alone (which he should) do an A/B scrutiny of your mix to one of your popular CDs. Remember that the productivity CDs you are attentive to have been perfect. But it's a good enough way to likeness levels and panning.

9. Bring Spares. Always bring on lean strings, percussive instrument heads, low-pitched strings, dampen bottles, craw lozenges, etc to a conference. You'll always obligation the one thing you forgot to bring, so bring down it all and check out of them at the studio until your recordings are all gone.

10. Have Fun! This is THE most principal spear of all. Creating and soundtrack music isn't explosive science. Although nearby is a subject field involved, you should let the someone fixation more or less that. If you're not having fun, past you're in the false business!

© 2004 Richard Dolmat (Digital Sound Magic)

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